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GAAAAH procrastinating so i'll post another bio thingy, why not right? Not like i don't have other stuff... errgh lets ignore that for now. HELLO! I'm working on little sleep here to gimme a break with the odd intro. I'm an ISTP, a sleep deprived one at that.

I'm also a DJ over here: and i blog here:…

Deviant art doesn't like me having one more then one website on here and that link IS my website sooo yeah. Whatev. Anyway I do art and stuff as a hobby, I enjoys it. But i don't get to do it much. When I post anything I particularly like I share it here.

Oh and disclaimer just in case " is not responsible for any material linked on this page, which is outside the realm of control of the KSSU management and staff."

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yiannisn Apr 27, 2011  Hobbyist Photographer
thanks for the fav:)
Hidden by Owner
You requested a print. and I feel really stupid for this.
But I have no idea what that means (: hah.
i did?

umm i think a print is when someone wants to buy a copy of your artwork.. but i don't recall doing that.

apparently i've been sleep walking and talking again.. i hope i wasn't using the computer while i was asleep >_>
its all good. you only requested that i make prints. not like you bought one or anything hah
oh okie, yeah what you do is neat. Although i'm not sure if i could really drink coffee out of a mug with a zombie's picture on it yah know?

PS: they put your picture on stuff.. like mugs.. in case you didn't know.
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